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These sites will help you in tracking down your high school alumni association, and maybe some of those long-lost classmates.

All England American High School Virtual Reunion
Basically, this is a link to a web "chat room" for those of us who went to an American high school in the UK. It's run by fellow UK School Alumni Nelson Bishop.
A newsgroup for those of us who grew up as military dependents. The newsgroup is occasionally useful, but frequently gets bogged down by flame wars, and spamming. Still, I've gotten touch with some interesting people through it. Go and start posting, maybe we can increase the signal to noise ratio...
DoDDS Home Page
It's an interesting place to stop by, and it's your source for ordering high school transcripts, among other things. They have links to many alumni sites, although in my not-so-humble opinion, they suffer from the lack of any LHS links.
DoDDS World Webring
03/26/99 A new Webring, sponsored by OSB. If you run a DoDDS School related web page, join up! If not, wander through the various offerings anyway. I added the LHS Resources today.
Classmates Online
I don't know too much about this one, but it can't hurt to be listed.
For the Brats
A small collection of links which may be of interest. Most of the listings are for schools in Germany, Japan, etc., but it appears to be fairly new. There are pointers to a couple of articles and publications which you may find interesting. Be warned though, it has the same annoying popup console as all the other Geocities sites.
Global Nomads
A fascinating analysis of our upbringing. This one doesn't relate directly to Military Brats, but to those of us who are classified "TCK", Third Culture Kids. This is a term I've just started hearing - it relates to Military Brats, Corporate and Diplomatic Kids, Missionary Kids, etc. Basically anyone who've lived in foreign lands due to their parents' career. Some great stuff here, if somewhat painful in places.
Military Brats International
This is a pretty new registry, devoted to all military brats, not just the ones who went overseas. It's growing by the day. Go and add your information. It's a non-commercial site.
Military Brats Journals
Collected here are a few journals written by Military Brats, those modern day gypsies who have experienced leaky roofs on numerous continents, trying to cram all their personal possessions into one small footlocker, who can say "Give me a beer, please" in half a dozen languages, who mark the passage of time by where they lived, and tend to get itchy feet if they don't change addresses every couple of years.
National Geographic's Survey 2000
National Geographic is conducting a survey, charting the changing definitions of community, and what it means for the next millennium. Go fill it out, it'll take you about 20 minutes.
NOMAD - The Brat Journal
NOMAD is an international magazine which caters to the special needs of United States military brats wherever they may be.
Operation Footlocker
This is the home page for a very worthy cause - a Mobile Military Brats Museum. It is run by Gene Moser, a fellow brat, and tours reunion events by invitation. Operation Footlocker accepts donations of brat-related memorabilia (including a scrapbook from LHS!).
Overseas Brats
This is an excellent site for locating information on our unique background. There's a database of names, sorted by many criteria. You can include your information also.
An interesting registry site, it's free - take a look. The only gripe I have with them is this: When you register with them, they spam you with emails forever. Be warned.
SGT. Mom's
: Another one of those sites I forgot to add in. Sgt. Mom's has a pretty comprehensive collection of information. There are tons of links, several message boards and information important to active brats and military familys.
YHS "Web" Partners
Well, after a week of work to comply with the new regs, Rory McGarity is back up. The site's been awful busy though, so I haven't had a chance to go look yet.
TCK World
The website for Third Culture Kids (TCKs): Military Brats, Missionary Kids, Foreign Service and Corporate Kids, and others who have lived as children in foreign cultures. The official homesite for Operation Footlocker (OpFoot) -- the Mobile Military Brat Monument, and, Schools Without Walls (SWW) -- a meeting place for students, faculty, and administrators of TCK schools which no longer exist.
Web References for American Military Brats
10/28/98: Just pulled this one off of Rory McGarity's site. Looks pretty helpful so far.

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