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Welcome to the newest home for the Lakenheath Alumni Resources. What you see here is the culmination of an idea. After I left Lakenheath in 1986, I lost touch with a lot of people. With the foolishness of youth, I allowed some good friendships to lapse.
In the years since, nostalgia set in, I looked back at my years at Lakenheath as some of the best in my life thus far. Then there was this little problem...
It suddenly became extremely difficult to find people. People moved, got married, or even worse, got unlisted phone numbers! Unless they wanted to be found again, they were lost.
With the advent of the Internet, things started to get a bit simpler. I started this site (in earlier incarnations...) to help track down some of the people I lost. It's been successful, to some degree, but in the interim, I find I have as much pleasure from helping my classmates reunite with each other as in finding people for myself.
Please feel free to wander through the various offerings here. If you want to add your name, submit an article, pass on some news, or just say "hi", you can drop me an email.

David Hocking
Class of 1984
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I've had a lot of complaints recently about the frequency of updates here.
While I'm sorry about the delays, I think people also need to bear in mind that this is a one person effort. The last update took about nine hours - mostly because this site is done entirely manually.
With this in mind, I'm putting out a request for assistance. If there are any PERL Programmers who are willing to volunteer their efforts (for due credit of course) in automating this site, please email me at
Thank you all for your continuing patronage.
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