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An Introduction...
I spent a lot of years overseas. From the sixth grade, until my graduation from Lakenheath High School in 1984, I was enrolled in DODDS Schools.
For those of you who spent any time overseas, either in a civilian capacity or as a military dependent, you know what I mean when I talk about a different perspective. It's a different culture, one which few people outside of the lifestyle can appreciate. I've been back in the States for over ten years now, but I'm still an Air Force Brat.
I've lost touch with a lot of people over the years, and living far from any Air Force Bases, I occasionally sense that missing part of my background. I started looking around the Internet, and found some people I lost a long time ago, and found out that there's a thriving online community of brats like me. It's been a great feeling to know that there are others out there.
Funnily enough, in the year or two that this site has existed (in one form or another...), I've found several people, and several have found me. Some of the most interesting (and rewarding) contacts have been with those that I wasn't even looking for. People have stumbled into this page from other sites, or by hitting the search engines. I've had great email conversations with Alumni who graduated before I was born (1966 if you're at all curious...), and with Alumni who were barely into elementary school when I graduated.
It's been an extremely rewarding experience. People email me to tell me when my links are getting stale, and to compliment me on the site. I know there are other places out there with more names (I should - I've directed enough people to them... ;-) ), in fact, I've only gotten one piece of hate mail in the whole time.
Hopefully, there is enough useful information here to keep you coming back though. I'll keep adding to this site as long as people are interested. On the next few pages, you'll find some information on overseas brats in general, as well as specific information regarding Lakenheath American High School, and the people I'm still in touch with. If you'd like to include your information, let me know. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find what you need,

David Hocking Class of 1984
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