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The following are links to site of interest specifically to Lakenheath High School Alumni. If you know of any which aren't listed here, please be so kind as to let me know.

Jazz513 (what's your name???) Class of 1975 Yearbook Photos
Jay Weidenbach's Lakenheath Page
After a long break, Jay's page is back up and running. He's got a lot of work to do, but the listings are still there. Welcome back Jay!
Lakenheath High School Home Page
The Lakenheath HS page has changed again.
Lakenheath High School 60's Era Alumni Association
A really terriffic site offering a little bit of everything Lakenheath. Pictures past & present.. Links to the best of Times, Places & Things! A walk down Memory Lane. And a little humor here & there. Slow to load, but well worth the wait.
Lakenheath Class of 1971 Home Page
Dan Fouts told me about a new site for the members of the Class of 1971. I've only glanced at it, but so far it looks like a great job. I especially like the nod under favorite sites (thanks!). Stop by for a visit!
Gradfinder's Lakenheath High School Page
: I just got an email from the webmaster at Gradfinder last night. It's a rather nice site, similar to Planet Alumni. There's only a couple of Lancers listed so far, but hopefully that'll change. It's free and reccomended.
Reunion Hall's Lakenheath Alumni Page
Ok, I admit it, I stole this one from Tee's site... I hope he doesn't mind. This site is yet another registry, but as I've said before, it never hurts to be listed in as many places as possible.
Tee Thompson's LHS Alumni Home Page
Tee is an Alumni of the Class of 1986, and just put the page up a couple of months ago. He's got quite a few pictures at his site, as well as links and an Alumni registry.
LHS 1980's Alumni Home Page
Leisa landed a GREAT domain name! Now that the Vegas Reunion is past, she's moving her LHS Page from AOL to the big time. Go and take a look.
Overseas Schools Alumni Database System
I really don't know why I didn't list this before, since it's probably the first Lakenheath registry I found, almost 3 years ago... There are almost 300 Almuni listed here, with varying degrees of accuracy. The nice thing is that each listing is dated, so you know how stale the information is. (that's why I did it on my directory, as a matter of fact).
Planet Alumni - Lakenheath HS Online Directory
Wow, This is one nice looking site. It has a nicely set up directory, which only a couple of people have found, unfortunately. It also includes several really nice features I just can't do: a message board, and online chat. Go take a look, it's really worth it.
Unofficial Lakenheath High School Alumni Page
It seems that the Class of 1997 is already getting in on the Alumni Page act... Christopher MacDougald has apparently just started to put this together. Let's give him a hand and put another resource for our fellow Alumni out there.
- New Address.
Woodlands Way Home Page
These two guys are trying to reunite with those who lived in Woodlands Way from 1976 until 1980. Go and help them out.
World Alumni Net - LHS Registry
In my mind, the more places you're listed, the better chance someone will locate you.

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