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Other UK Schools

Below is a collection of links to other UK Schools. Some of these schools don't exist any more, so these sites are the only way some of them can re-connect. We all share similar experiences (and if you include sporting and academic events, we shared opposing ones too), so it only makes sense that our common interests should be noted.
I have a couple of friends who went to other schools in the United Kingdom, one at Woodbridge, and the other at the American School of London. Part of this collection's purpose is to help my non-LHS friends to re-connect.
If you know of any other sites related to UK Schools, please email me and I'll add them to the list.

David Hocking

Alconbury H. S.
Alconbury High School - Home of the Dragons
This Alumni Site is run by Cheryl (Wallach) Browning - Class of 1986.
C-Dub's Alconbury High School Page
This Alumni Site is run by Chris Watts - Class of 90
American School of London
ASL Alumni/Development
Nice looking page. Lots of information.
ASL Unofficial Homepage
This gentleman has an email collection listed on this page, but you have to contact him for a password to access it.
Burtonwood H.S.
Burtonwood High School
4/3/00Louis Berger sent me this site. Burtonwood is a now-defunct USAF base in the north of England. The school opened in 1950 and closed in 1959. The base closed for the last time in the 90’s.
Greenham Common H.S.
Greenham Common HS
11/10/00This is a great site for people who attended Greenham Common HS. New Information from Chris Norwood (GCHS Alumni) - The page was actually created and run by Jennifer Phelps. She moved back to the States when the base closed, and before she graduated from HS. Though, if she would have remained there she would have been inthe class of '94.
London Central H.S.
London Central High School Alumni Homepage
Not sure who's running it, but it's pretty comprehensive.
London Central H.S.
The High School's student run page. Very nice.
Has a section devoted to London Central from the Bushy Park era.
The Londoner
Membership to the Londoner is limited to those whose graduation years would have been from 1966 to 1974 ONLY regardless whether or not they actually graduated from CHS.
LCHS Alumni Page
This page is run by Ben Mullican, Class of 1995.
Upper Heyford H.S.
Upper Heyford/Croughton American High School
Not sure who's running this one, but boy does it have a lot of information about Upper Heyford HS...
Upper Heyford - A Class of 1972 Project
03/26/99I just found this one through the new DoDDS World Webring. There's a growing list of alumni on this page, as well as other information important to Hadites.
Woodbridge H.S.
Woodbridge American High School
This page is run by Nelson Bishop, who basically gave me the idea to put up the "Other UK Schools" section. Several people who attended both LHS and Woodbridge put us in touch, and a cordial relationship has begun.
Woodbridge, Etc.
I just got this one from Nelson's site. There are a couple of pictures (including one of Nelson). Looks like it'll shape up to be a nice place to visit.
Warrior Cafe
Run by Sean Schoff, this one's rather interesting, if a little out of date.
Another Woodbridge Page
This one's run by Holly Huckans-Marcotte, Class of 83.